Thank you for visiting my website. My main goal is to help you improve your putting. After joining a local Men's golf club in the mid 60's, I would compete and win various putting competitions. Then, in 1996, Compaq & Dave Pelz was searching for the "BEST PUTTER IN THE WORLD! ...amateur or professional & male or female & Regional winners from each State would eventually compete in Florida for the final Grand Prize of $250,000! I was hoping to qualify in the Sacramento area; however, I found the my entry form at the last minute with only one week left to qualify and the closest qualifying course was at the NorthStar at Tahoe Resort Golf Course, a couple of hours from my home in Sacramento. I phoned NorthStar's golf professional and he said, come on up and qualify. I qualified midweek at NorthStar and the following Saturday won their Putting Championship and was crowned California's Regional Winner at NorthStar. Of course, I used my Plumb Bob Method for reading the green & putting. And for what it's worth, there were several Golf Professionals that I 'bested' in the NorthStar Regional Final.

Being one of the Regional California winners, we would all compete for ONE trip to Florida in the final competition for the World's Best Putter. There were about 36 competitors and I was paired to compete with Dave Pelz's San Francisco Putting Champion. Although I 'bested' his putting champ by 4 strokes, I missed the trip to Florida by 1-2 strokes. At the finals in Florida many Tour players, PGA & LPGA, including amateurs competed and PGA Tour Professional Len Mattiace was the eventual 1996 WORLD PUTTING CHAMP and winner of the $250,000 grand prize! Len topped many of the Tour's BEST putters. Congrats Len Mattiace!

After my NorthStar win, I decided to put my putting methods and techniques on paper and wrote, "The Putting Edge...How To One-Putt Every Green!" If you're having difficulty reading your line-of-putt, please give my putting methoda try...the Plumb Bob Method described & illustrated in my book. Golf professionals and golf experts reportthat putting is the most important aspect of the golf gameand represents 40-50% of your total golf score! Putting well is the easiest way to lower your score & handicap. The main reason most golfers miss a putt is because they have difficulty in determining their exact line of putt or intended line to the hole...some call it a target line. Your target line is the line that your ball must take to hit the center of the hole. If every putt was a straight putt, our target line would be a straight line to the center of the hole; however, MOST of the time we are faced with a breaking putt even if a very slight break. How many times have we seen a golfer, amateur or professional, miss a short tap-in putt? Quite often because they didn't read the ever-so-slight break at the hole that my method will show...we just can't afford to miss those tap-in's. These short misreads can result in a 3- or even 4-putt green!

You can learn to one-putt as well as professionals and my book The Putting Edge will help you be the best putter in your foursome! My illustrations and diagrams simplify the putting process...putting well should not be a complicated process. The Putting Edge will show you how to determine your absolute target-line...once you reach the green, it takes only 5 seconds to determine your line of putt! "Read your line, take your stance, putt the ball...Ace the Putt!" It's that simple!

I truly want to make you the best putter in your foursome! If you want to try a new method for reading your

Line of Putt, give the Plumb Bob Method a try...hoping your golf game is all Ace's!

Thanks again for visiting my website...





The Putting Edge has been sent world-wide, not only the U. S. A. including Hawaii, but orders to Australia, provinces in Canada, many cities & towns in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Poland, & Sweden. An interesting side note about the golfer in Poland that ordered a copy...he has to commute one hour from his home to the nearest golf course...a very dedicated golfer!

"POCKET-SIZED MIRACLE!" June 24, 2009    Hi Larry, My name is Rory and I recently bought your putting book as a last resort to cure my putting. I am 16 years old and didn't want my golfing career to end so early because I was unable to use a putter. i am very pleased to say that this 'pocket sized miracle' really has worked. My last 3 rounds of golf have been nothing short of amazing. I recently played a match against another junior from another club and my putts were as follows: 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1  ....24 putts!!! This led to 2 eagles and 4 birdies and a gross score of 66, 3 under par. My previous best score was 70 which I got the day before and the day before that I got a 71 which at that point was joint with my best ever score. Using your system I have beaten my best score 3 times in a row. The previous two Saturday's have been the junior championship which has been won by the same golfer two years in a row. After the first round I was tied with him on 75 (a good score in poor weather) and we shared the lead in the second round. Using your method, I shot a final 71 giving me the win by 7 strokes. I have always been a big hitter at my club even though I am only 16, I am the biggest driver in the club. I have regularly been told that if I could putt I could be a very good player. Hopefully this method will continue to help me on my way to a VERY low handicap. Over 3 weeks my handicap has gone from 9.1 to 7.7 all thanks to your method. I hope you will be impressed with my progress ;-)     

Thanks again,     Rory   ---Cumbria, U. K.

Northbrook, Illinois, July 2003..."Larry, things started to come together after reading your putting guide. Played 18 holes on Saturday, practicing your methods for the first time...then yesterday got out for 9 holes with my father-in-law. Six one-putts, six of nine, and had 12 putts total! I couldn't have been more thrilled with my putting!!!" Thanks! Gerry 

Pennsylvania, May 2006..."Larry, Short update after reading your book, 8 one-putts last outing and only one three-putt. This is great considering my last two outings I had 5 three-putts and 7 three-putts! Money well spent."  --Thanks, Ken 

Roseville, California July 2003..."Larry,  thanks for the quick reply and the booklet---got it in 2 days! Read it immediately. Went out to a course near my house (Whitney Oaks) and practiced your methods for about 2 hours. Took what I learned from your book out to the course the next day with my brother, birdied the first  2 holes and laughed as I went up 2  strokes on the old man! I one-putted quite a few greens and no 3-putts! I shot a 78. By the way, I shot 76 at Lincoln Hills on Thursday.  Thanks for your help. God Bless."  Marshal       

San Jose, California..."I read my new guide and now I'm really hooked on golf and putting. Thanks to your drawings, I know how to determine my exact line of putt and make more longer one-putts. I have more confidence on the green now when others are watching me. The regulars I play with have commented on how my putting has improved and I think I have become the best putter in our foursome even when my husband joins us. I just enjoy golf more now. Thanks again, Jan."

LINCOLN HILLS...June 2002...$10,000 Putting Contest! Sacramento's Arthritis Foundation / Kids Get Arthritis Too! Dave Dahmen using The Putting Edge method bested all qualifiers in sudden-death competition. Dave was the only finalist to qualify and came within inches of winning $10,000! Congratulations Dave!

Linda and John Schotsal, 1998 SACRAMENTO COUNTY SCOTCH CHAMPIONS, Sacramento, California...After reading The Putting Edge and practicing the methods and techniques, my wife and I are one-putting more greens than ever. Your method absolutely works and the concentration and visualization techniques help tremendously! Your guide certainly gives us the edge! Bulletin: On June 9, 2001, both Linda and John won NCGA Net Amateur Qualifying berths. John also qualified in the 4-Ball Qualifier event and in February 2002, John's excellent putting won his team a position in the 4 man NCGA Qualifier to be played at Poppy Hills or Spyglass!

Curtis Dahmen, Dallas, Texas...Hello Larry, I just finished reading your putting guide and practiced today.  I was never able to understand how the pros read their break until I read The Putting Edge. Your method is incredible, it has improved my game and I thank you for that!  I will order some more books for friends in my office.  

Scot Gardner, Elk Grove, California...I’ve never really understood how to read my exact line of putt and your guide describes and illustrates this technique perfectly. My putting has really improved! (UPDATE:  After Mr. Gardner's testimonial was published, he was ONE of only 2 contestants, out of hundreds, that aced TWO 40-foot putts in succession to qualify him for the finals in the $25,000 Sports Court Putting Challenge at the 2001 Sacramento Sports, Boat, and RV Show. Scot came within inches of winning his family a $25,000 Sports Court...congratulations Scot!)


"I'm impressed by this little book. Seriously though, you sell your book TOO DARN CHEAP! Bet you've never heard that complaint before! Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions and respond to my emails. My putting improved dramatically last year and I'm looking forward to lower scores this year, as soon as the snow melts!" 

                                                                                                                              --- Matt, Minnesota

TESTY GREENS... August 2009  Many many thanks for your book Larry. It is a total winner and I appreciated the quick shipment. Testy greens on Fota Island course in Cork, Ireland, but I am sure I took off at least five shots thanks to your book!!!  Many, many, thanks again!  ---Deric

About the author...Larry Stanley

Cumbria, U. K, March 2006..."Hi Larry, just a quick bit of feedback. I managed 9 holes after work last night with my regular playing partner, we haven't played for 2 weeks as the weather in Cumbria, UK has been pretty bad. Anyway, using your method for the first time I one-putted 3 of the first 4 greens! Furthermore, I only three-putted once. I can't wait for my next round to keep the momentum going, my putting felt really confident last night."  --Respect, Craig

Golfer dubs The Putting Edge as her "GOLF BIBLE! "I’ve been in a putting slump lately and recently ordered my copy of your guide. After reading it, I've been practicing your methods, and your technique for one-putting really works! Your book will be my little "Golf Bible!" Thank you so much...you've made a happy golfer out of me!" Linda G., Sacramento, California.

Larry & wife Sandra at NorthStar at Tahoe win!