Let me make you the best putter in your foursome! My book,

"The Putting Edge...How To One-Putt Every Green" will show you how to read your Line Of Putt and lower your golf score.

        About my book...it's about how to read your Line of Putt using the "Plumb Bob Method." Some well-known putting guru's report that the method doesn't work due to their scientific studies & experiments. I'm okay with their assessment; however, we will just agree to disagree as the method has worked successfully for me for many years & quite a number of Tour players are using it successfully, today! Today, Tour players Zach Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Kenny Perry, J. B. Holmes & Patrick Reed to name a few. Phil Mickelson used the plumb bob when he won his first Major, The Masters in 2004. July 2nd, Plumb Bobber Kenny Perry won the prestigious 2017 U. S. Senior Open and Plumb Bobber Brandt Jobe took 3rd! 2017 Zurich Classic 2-Man won by Plumb Bobber Jonas Blixt, his partner Cameron Smith. Blixt was the 6th ranked putter on Tour at that time! And about our 12 man 2016 U. S. Ryder Cup Team…4 of those terrific players, one-third of the team, use the Plumb Bob Method for reading their lines-of-putt…Zach Johnson, Patrick Reed, Rickie Fowler, and J. B. Holmes…each won their individual Ryder Cup Match! Plumb Bobber Zach Johnson, 2015 Open Champ at St. Andrews…many report that his win was one of the greatest clutch putting performances in Open history!
Some years back, Golf Magazine published an extensive article, “Become An Expert Green Reader” about the plumb bob method…the article & research supported the fact that the Plumb Bob method DOES work! In fact, Jack Nicklaus was the first golf professional seen using the Plumb Bob Method while playing as an amateur back in 1954 in the Sunnehanna Amateur Golf Tournament in PA and then becoming one of the greatest golfers & putters on Tour years later. Ladies, LPGAers also use the Plumb Bob successfully…Nancy Lopez & Julie Inkster to name two, and both Major LPGA Tour winners.
Over the years of using the PB and volunteering as a Golf Marshal and watching the Tour Professionals play golf & read their "Line of Putt" without using their putter/shaft, I truly believe many are reading their Line of Putt by 'visually’ Plumb Bobbing. Many will visually read their Line and then use their putter/shaft to PB and confirm/substantiate their visual read.      Again, let me make you the best putter in your foursome…

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How To One-Putt Every Green!

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The Importance of Visualization from The Putting Edge...Chapter 7 of The Putting Edge is entitled "Concentration, Confidence, and Visualization." The Putting Edge was the 'First' golf book that applied "Visualization" to putting and the golf game. A few years back, a NFL quarterback had taken his team to the playoffs for the first time and was asked on national television, "What do you attribute your success in getting your team to the playoffs?" His response "Visualization!"   Again, 'Visualization' works with putting as well...let me help you be a better putter.

Golfers...TRUE, One-Putting Every Green Does Happen! On two occasions in regulation play, Dr Harold Swash completed an 18-hole round with only 18 putts

and has had 19 total putts on six occasions at his home course, Hillside Golf Club

in England.  ---Golfer Magazine

"Larry, I love this little book! On Saturday, I single-putted the last 5 greens to shoot a 71 and win the competition! On Sunday, 25 putts for a 76! Windy day, but only 2 strokes away from the best gross in a field of 300+ competitors!   --- Peter Royce , Scotland

"Larry, just got your book yesterday and only had about 20 minutes to read it before playing 9 holes. Wow, after a few holes, I was looking at a 30 footer and using your method rolled in my best one-putt of the year! Played another round in the evening and shot my season best round using your putting technique, 4 one-putts on 9 greens! Feels great! Thanks!" --- Jamie, Canada


"Research into the development of our Pro-Putt Laser Trainer included the influential text, putting concepts & methods of Putting Guru's Dave Pelz, Larry Stanley, Dr. Harold Swash, Geoff Mangum, Todd Sones & Dave Stockton. All advocate an "In-Line Putting Stroke" ...straight back-straight through --- a stroke driven by the shoulders."    --- Peter Royce, IGT, Scotland

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The 'Easiest' way to lower your golf score is with your putter.

My book, The Putting Edge, will show you how to read your

'Line of Putt' using the Plumb Bob method...it works!!!

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Author Larry Stanley...1996 NorthStar at Tahoe Putting Champion

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